Ryan Rana PhD. LMFT LPC Certified EFT Therapist/Supervisor

"As a professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and practicing clinician for over a decade, I had developed a comfort and degree of success in working with couples and some practice/teaching of Emotionally Focused Therapy. However, until I attended my first ICEEFT Externship training, I didn¹t realize that I really didn¹t have a sufficient grasp on the model and how powerful it is specifically ordered and geared to help. The EFT model is the world leader in helping couples recover and grow through distress (APA calls EFT the ³gold standard² of couples therapy). More specifically, I attended my externship with Sue Johnson (model founder) and a therapist named George Faller in New York. On day 2, she did a "live" performance of her model with a real distressed couple from the local area (something that will happen 2x in our externship as well), and was incredible. We were told that the following day, George Faller, would perform a live session as well. My fellow attendees and I commented that we felt sorry for him, having to follow such a legend and great performance. We were blown away that his approach was as or more impressive. I have now trained with him multiple times over the last few years and believe him to be one of the best trainers around, and one of the best couple’s therapists in the world. A quick background, George was a veteran firefighter in New York and moonlighted getting a degree in MFT when the 9/11 terrorist attack happened. He was immediately thrust into counseling to help those reeling from the trauma around him. As is typical; helping couples overcome the trauma in their marriage was significantly more difficult than just working with individual traumas. He emailed Sue Johnson for advice and she graciously agreed to fly in and train him (and others) herself. George brings a great deal of wisdom, experience and  some of the highest training in the world. We are very excited about engaging with George Faller and Emotionally Focused Therapy in Arkansas."

Brian Fidler, LPC, Joplin MO   

"EFT Trainings have impacted how I do therapy more than any other training has...helping me learn how to facilitate connection that is life-altering...It has even changed the way I understand my marriage and the way I parent. This is the most profound training I have ever gone through."

Amy Butler, LPC, Springdale AR      

"Being trained in EFT helps me to see that I had been putting band aids on people's pain for 10 years, whereas now I feel like I am actually being used to heal. I no longer feel burned out and in the dark as I work with clients."

Jocelyn Peterson, LPC, LMFT, Bella Vista AR

"The EFT Externship was transformative for me.  It was invigorating to learn new ways to create 
a better environment for change for individuals, families, and couples...
I also love the community I found here, most things in life are better when shared."